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Character Matters Music Group is the umbrella organization creating resources for both schools and churches.  ​

In ten years of teaching in urban public schools, and twenty teaching students, I have developed a lot of effective musical tools - songs, lessons, stage musicals, and models of thinking. I’ve had a lot of help through the years and been given a lot of feedback on the effectiveness of the tools from others who have used them in their churches or classrooms. 


I have, with the help of some good friends, created this website to share these inspirational musical tools with everyone that works with kids. These musical resources were purposefully crafted to appeal to urban ears and sensibilities, although students of every background will enjoy them and benefit from them. I’m confident that you will find songs, stories, and other resources here that kids really like to perform. 


I write music intentionally to influence young thought patterns in a positive way. The messages in the stories and songs are anchored in time-tested principles of self-management and character development. If kids are going to live positive lives, they must think positive thoughts about themselves and the world around them. Here, you’ll find catchy lyrics and grooves that reinforce simple useful ideas. You’ll also find lesson plans and prompts that help you engage students in discussions of the concepts.


As the team of talented people helping to create these resources grows, we hope this website will grow into your go-to resource for age-appropriate inspiration!  

Latest Release

Full STEAM Ahead


Tensions are running high at Thomas Alva Edison Elementary School. Ms. Flowers and Ms. Mason are at constant odds. Both teachers think their class is the most important and neither is willing to admit defeat. When the principal, Mr. Clark, introduces the Grand Trunk Competition the STEM students and Artsy students must battle it out to prove once and for all what truly moves us forward.

This musical is perfect for upper elementary students!




Our flagship products are stage musicals, designed for 3rd through 8th grades, which we license to schools or churches for performances a year at a time. The musicals come with lesson integrations and helpful guidance for schools or churches that don’t yet have a strong theatre-arts program.


You will also find songs and associated lessons that reinforce principles of wise living. Many are free to copy and use as you please, however, by purchasing them, you support the creation of more and better resources in the days to come.


We intend to become a central hub of ideas and encouragement for anyone involved in the development of young people. Our blogs and vlogs will give you information about youth culture, and tricks and tips to put and keep them on good paths.


A key part of our vision is to support schools and churches in using our resources to hold creative fundraisers and outreach events that engage the community. I have personally raised thousands of dollars for schools and churches where I worked as a teacher or kid’s pastor. As we grow, our organization intends to support yours with innovative approaches to fundraising that make everyone involved in the process better.  

Featured Product

Walk With the Wise


This fun, upbeat musical targeted to kids 3-12 is a faith-based exploration of principles of  wise living like goal setting, positive thinking, and gratitude.





When you purchase a license for your school or church to perform one of our musicals, your organization has the right to perform it as many times as you like that year, to charge tickets, to record the performance and sell the DVD, etc. You can post 5 minute portions of your performance on social media, although we ask that you not post the entire production.  


Scripts and materials for the performance are not included in the license fee, but once you purchase them for your organization, you’ll only need to purchase the license again to perform it in subsequent years.


Songs and lessons for sale in our store will have a “buy” button or a “donate” button. Songs with donate buttons are accessible to download free of charge.

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